In almost any situation in life, knowledge is power. The more you know about dangerous and addictive drugs, the better chance you have at getting sober. It’s important to know the facts about what drugs are doing to your health, relationships and career. Drugs like heroin and cocaine are some of the most dangerous and widely used drugs out there. Understanding as much as you can about each drug can be extremely helpful when getting sober. There is a huge amount of misinformation out there about drugs so it’s easy to get your facts wrong. Here are a few facts about drugs that can help you understand addiction and substance abuse a little better.

Cocaine is a stimulant derived from the leaves of the coca plant. Its early use was mostly for medicinal purposes as an anesthetic. Cocaine most often appears as a white powder which is snorted into the user’s nose. It has powerful effects as a stimulant on the nervous system which last for around 20 minutes. Cocaine has serious effects on someone’s blood pressure which can cause death. Hollywood movies often glamourize cocaine usage as the drug of the rich and famous. This can lead people to try the drug in order to be like famous celebrities.

Heroin is an opiate analgesic manufactured from the seeds of poppy plants. It too started in the medical community as a substitute painkiller for morphine. However, it wasn’t long before doctors realized that heroin was actually far more dangerous and addictive. Heroin can be taken several different ways, but the method which produces the most intense high is injection via needle. This opens the door for the transfer of blood borne diseases through unsafe needle sharing practices. Heroin users are very susceptible to overdose, particularly when heroin is combined with other drugs like cocaine.

The more you know about dangerous and addictive drugs, the better chance you have at overcoming addiction. Stop by Substance Abuse Houston today for more information about how a treatment center can help you get sober. 


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